The rights and obligations of all members of the association are stipulated in the statute and other legal acts of the Union of Associations of Visual Artists of Vojvodina


Every ACTIVE member of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina has the right to:
  • participating in the achievement of the goals and tasks of the Association on an equal basis with other members,
  • direct participation in decision-making at the Assembly, as well as through the bodies of the Association,
  • mandate participation in the bodies of the Association,
  • implementation of the decisions of the Association bodies,
  • giving the initiative for consideration and decision-making in all bodies,
  • informing about the work and activities of the Association, its bodies and the implementation of agreed programs,
  • participation in all actions, manifestations and joint exhibitions of the Association,
  • using the services of the SULUV office, issuing certificates, invoices, recommendations, providing infrastructure for applying for and implementing projects,
  • achieving the status of an independent artist
  • applying for an exhibition at the SULUV Gallery
  • applying for a residency at the CITE studios in Paris…


Obligations of members of the Association
  • creative improvement of one’s creativity through active work,
  • affirmation of fine art through one’s behavior, actions and artistic work, not damaging the reputation of the Association and its members,
  • participation in the agreed activities of the Association,
  • informing the SULUV Office about changes in contact data (residential address, electronic address, telephone numbers) for the purpose of maintaining the database, informing about the status of an independent artist,
  • regular payment of the membership fee determined by the Assembly decision of the Association…