Union of Associations of Fine Artists of Vojvodina

The Union of Associations of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV) is an association of professional artists in the field of fine arts.

Association of Artists

The Union of Associations of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (Association) was founded as the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina in 1946 and is one of the oldest Fine Art Associations in Serbia and Yugoslavia. From 1958, the Association operated as a branch of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, withdrawing from it in 1977 and continuing its operations as a separate association, eventually forming a Union of the Associations of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV) in 1985. The Gallery of the Association opened in 1969. Today, the Association has 563 members, 37% of which are active. Since its foundation, the membership of the Association has included more than 1,000 eminent artists of different generations, nationalities, with an even greater diversity of styles, poetics in their artistic opuses.

The Association gathers all relevant authors, active in the field of fine arts who create on the territory of AP Vojvodina. Thus, SULUV is an umbrella Association of Fine Artists from the territory of Vojvodina, and, pursuing a policy of quality-based selection of new members, it ensures its representative status.

By the decision of the Ministry of Culture of Information and Information Society, the Association received the status of a representative Association in Culture in 2011. By implementing the provisions of the Law on Citizens’ Associations and the Law on Culture from 2009, SULUV changed the way it works, so today it has no permanent employees, but a mandate team that manages the operations of the Association and the activities of engaged associates (Presidency, Artistic Council…). In addition, the changes are reflected in the manner of financing, and organisation, its strategy and operation. As a result of the new legal framework, SULUV is now financed exclusively through project activities and annual membership fees.

Consequently, the Association primarily depends on the commitment and initiative of its members, the regular payment of membership fees, contributions through project activities and various other initiatives in order to safeguard the common interests of its members.

The Association, with its representative status, has been promoting and nurturing the creative production of its members. For the 75 years of its existence and its rich and continuous history, SULUV has actualised a large number of important events: solo and collective exhibitions of its members and guest artists, exhibitions of members in the region and abroad, as well as promotions, seminars, congresses, lectures, etc. Through its activities and programmes, the Association takes part in creating and recording relevant moments in the history of fine art culture in Vojvodina and Novi Sad.

Programmes of the Association

Maintaining its tradition, today, the Association continues to organise, produce and actualise 30-40 events a year, which are organised within the following programmes since 2018: Exhibitions of the Association Members (solo and group exhibitions of the members), Collaboration and partnership events programme (exchange of exhibitions and programmes through the network of associations, events actualised through contracted collaborations), Review Programme (event reviews, theoretical analyses), Educational and research programme (open dialogues, public curation, lectures and seminars), Artist-in-residence programme (working visits of artists from abroad), Publishing programme (annual publication and other professional publications), New artistic practices Programme of the Association (SMIC. International Exhibition of Motion Art Forms).

All the programmes are dedicated to the current artistic creative production of the SULUV members, as well as the content produced by the Association in collaboration with other cultural and fine art institutions and associations.

New forms of cooperation - Open concept of the Gallery and content exchange

Today, the Association, following its strategy defined in the field of fine and visual arts, focuses its efforts on strengthening new productions of artists and young creators; promotion and education of artists and audiences; affirmation, exchange and cooperation; new concepts aimed at improving cultural life in the territory it covers; performing the tasks entrusted to it and acting as a representative association. The Association is constantly working on the revitalisation of its activities through establishing professional links with other associations in the region and abroad, reactivating communication in the field of contemporary cultural production. The Association has achieved a number of contracted collaborations with domestic and foreign professional associations, which has allowed it to initiate cultural exchange programmes, engage external associates and launch new programmes, among other things.
Collaborative network