We invite SULUV members to settle their obligations towards the Association and pay the annual membership fee. In this way, you achieve the status of an ACTIVE MEMBER. An active member is a member of the Association who has paid his obligations (annual membership fee) to SULUV by the end of February of the current year.

We remind you that for years SULUV has been financed only on the basis of projects and that the membership fee, especially in the first quarter of the year, is the only form of financing that enables the functioning of the Association. Regular payment of the membership fee represents the willingness of the members to participate in the Association. Membership fees are also part of the practice of all guild associations.

By the decision of the Assembly, from 1 December 2019, in 2021, the membership review process was started.

  • The new Rulebook on membership implies mandatory payment of membership fees from 2021 for all members, as well as different membership statuses (see the Rulebook for more on membership status).

  • For new members: After the Parliamentary confirmation, all accepted new members are enrolled in the Association, thus officially becoming members of the Association. Enrollment of members is confirmed by payment (membership fee), which is determined on the basis of the financial plan each year. At the same time, this payment represents the membership fee for the current year.

  • Members who wish to have the status of ACTIVE membership are obliged to pay the annual membership fee by the end of February of the current year (see the Regulations for more information on the status of active membership)

  • From 2022, all those who have the status of retired membership, i.e. they are 65 years old or older, who have paid the membership fee for 2021, which is a confirmation of remaining in membership, are exempt from paying the membership fee.

  • The audit determined that everyone who wants to continue being a member of the SULUV association is obliged to confirm this by paying the membership fee for 2021. We would like to thank everyone who has confirmed their membership, and we ask all those who have not, but still wish to remain members of the Association, to pay the membership fee for 2021 by the end of April 2022. If you do not pay the membership fee for 2021 by the end of April 2022, it will be considered that you no longer wish to remain a member and you will be excluded, as payment of the membership fee is one of the obligations of membership determined by the Statute of the SULUV Association.

  • If the member (younger than 65 years old) does not fulfill the obligation to pay the membership fee for a period longer than one year, that is, for a period of two years or longer, he/she will be in a dormant status that can last up to five (5) years. If a member with dormant status wants to activate the membership again, he/she will be obliged to pay membership fees from 2021 onwards, i.e. all membership fees from the period of dormancy. The rights and obligations arising from membership are suspended until the moment when these obligations are settled. During the period while the member has a dormant status, he/she has no rights arising from the Statute, Rulebook and other general acts of the Association, he/she also has no right to participate in all activities, contests and programs of the Association, as well as to the issuance of certificates and other documents by the SULUV Office. During the period in dormant status, the member will be regularly contacted and informed that he/she needs to settle his/her obligations. After the expiration of 5 years, if the member with dormant status does not activate his/her membership, he/she will be informed that if he/she does not pay the obligations, he/she will be excluded from the membership.

Iznosi članarine po godinama

  • 2022. – 1.500,00 RSD
  • 2021. – 1.500,00 RSD
  • 2020. – 1.500,00 RSD
  • 2019. – 1.500,00 RSD
  • 2018. – 1.500,00 RSD
  • 2017. – 1.500,00 RSD
  • 2016. – 1.000,00 RSD
  • 2015. – 1.000,00 RSD

Nalog za uplatu se popunjava sledećim podacima

Svrha uplate: Članarina za (upišite godinu/e za koju/e uplaćujete članarinu)
Primalac: SULUV, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 9, Novi Sad
Iznos: =1.500,00
Račun primaoca: 340-1812-23
Poziv na broj: (tekuća godina)


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